Dark chocolate pots

Dark chocolate pots


build up a be adjacent to lie alongside of quirkiness to your after-dinner dessert behind these creamy chocolate puddings served in your favourite jars.

The ingredient of Dark chocolate pots

  1. 180g dark chocolate, chopped
  2. 100g unsalted butter, chopped
  3. 2 eggs, at odds
  4. 1/3 cup (75g) caster sugar
  5. 2 tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream liqueur
  6. 200ml thickened cream
  7. 2 tablespoons icing sugar, sifted
  8. Cocoa powder, to dust

The instruction how to make Dark chocolate pots

  1. Place the chocolate, butter and 1/3 cup (80ml) water in a heatproof bowl set beyond a saucepan of gently simmering water (dont let the bowl be next to the water). campaign until melted and combined, subsequently next sever from heat and set aside to cool slightly.
  2. Beat the eggwhites in the manner of electric beaters to soft peaks and set aside. Beat the egg yolks and caster sugar in a clean bowl until thick and pale, then fold in the chocolate merger and the Baileys liqueur. Fold in one-third of the eggwhite to loosen, then fold in the remainder. Divide join up along with 4 small jars or glasses and chill for 2-3 hours until set.
  3. work up the cream and icing sugar behind electric beaters to soft peaks.
  4. To serve, culmination each chocolate pot as soon as a dollop of whipped cream and dust taking into account bearing in mind cocoa.

Nutritions of Dark chocolate pots

fatContent: 727.994 calories
saturatedFatContent: 49.5 grams fat
carbohydrateContent: 31.4 grams saturated fat
sugarContent: 58 grams carbohydrates
fibreContent: 51.1 grams sugar
cholesterolContent: 8.8 grams protein
sodiumContent: 178 milligrams cholesterol

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