Santa Hat Appetizer

Santa Hat Appetizer


Santa Hat Appetizer subsequent to Cheese Cracker, Red panic Peppers, Cream Cheese, Crackers

The ingredient of Santa Hat Appetizer

  1. cheese cracker u2013 Monterey Jack, Cuts
  2. 2 red bell peppers
  3. 4 ounces cream cheese softened
  4. crackers **any square or rectangle crackers will work.

The instruction how to make Santa Hat Appetizer

Nutritions of Santa Hat Appetizer

calories: NutritionInformation
carbohydrateContent: 130 calories
cholesterolContent: 7 grams
fatContent: 30 milligrams
fiberContent: 10 grams
proteinContent: 1 grams
saturatedFatContent: 3 grams
sodiumContent: 5 grams
sugarContent: 135 milligrams
: 3 grams

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